Edge of Extinction

Apparently there are only five Northern White Rhino’s still alive on our planet. ┬áThe poachers, seeking their valuable horns have almost driven them to extinction. ┬áThe last birth was 15 years ago. Scientists are attempting IVF treatment in the hope of preventing inevitable extinction. They are also taking stem cells, which amazingly stay alive for […]


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Google +

I just read my friends blog about google+, I got that it is more for professionals, about monetization, and something else I already forgot. Someone just added me to his circle, no idea who he is, don’t know his contacts, it just annoys me, I managed to block this annoying person just in case, then […]

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Time & Hoovers

So you may be wondering what the connection is between time and a vacuum cleaner, maybe there isn’t one, though connection can be made. Firstly, the other night I was watching TV, and something hit me, as it sometimes does nowadays, something you may relate to. Every time I drive into city centre Manchester, I […]

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